99 Clever Ways To Transform A Boring Dresser

You have 99 problems but a dresser ain’t one. Anymore.

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1. Paint a tribute to Warhol

Instructions here.

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2. Add fabric to the sides of the drawers

See how here.

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3. Cover the drawers with faux wood paneling

See how here.

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4. Use lace to re-cover the drawers

DIY here.

ID: 2629486

5. Paint stripes (even on laminate)

See how here.

ID: 2629507

6. Use stenciled letters to mark a special occasion

See how here.

ID: 2629613

7. Or your favorite song

DIY here.

ID: 2629625

8. Or a tribute to your favorite city

Instructions here.

ID: 2629595

9. Turn the whole thing into a train car

Instructions here.

ID: 2629569

10. Add card-catalog pulls as handles

See how they did it here. Get the pulls here.

ID: 2629580

11. Add a Herringbone Accent

See how here.

ID: 2629586

12. Use spray-painted toys as handles

See how here.

ID: 2629640

13. Or half a plastic toy

DIY here.

ID: 2629642

14. Get a weathered look with milk paint and wax

See how to here.

ID: 2629648

15. Bling it up with metallic paint

DIY here.

ID: 2629768

16. Go bold with painted drawers

Instructions here.

ID: 2629888

17. Use reverse stenciling to highlight natural wood

See how here.

ID: 2629784

18. Add decals in any design

Instructions here.

ID: 2629792

19. Add a geometric pattern to the top

DIY here.

ID: 2629828

20. Use shutters for a textured herringbone pattern

See how here.

ID: 2629831

21. Replace the drawers with baskets

Instructions here. h/t Bob Vila

ID: 2629857

22. Cover the drawers with maps

DIY here.

ID: 2629870

23. Or do both

DIY here.

ID: 2629849

24. Ombre…

See how here.

ID: 2629877

25. …Ombre…

Instructions here.

ID: 2629886

26. …Ombre!

Works on every shape and size. See this DIY here.

ID: 2629885

27. Use magnetic paint

See how here.

ID: 2629896

28. Use wood stain in various colors

DIY here.

ID: 2629924

29. Use paint to copy this Dorothy Draper design

Instructions here.

ID: 2629942

30. Stripe all the way around it

Instructions here.

ID: 2631049

31. Use stripes in every direction

See how here.

ID: 2629911

32. Wrap it in newspaper

IKEA / Via

DIY here.

ID: 2631067

33. Stencil on some scallops

See more here.

ID: 2631207

34. Paint on some intricate faux scrollwork

See how here.

ID: 2631217

35. Cover the top in gift wrap

Easy to add, easy to remove. See how here.

ID: 2631224

36. Add a touch of leather

DIY here.

ID: 2634938

37. Add a ‘stache (or three)

See how here.

ID: 2634940

38. Paint on an optical illusion

Martha shows you how here.

ID: 2635154

39. Add bold graphic circles

See it here. (Site in Portuguese).

ID: 2635275

40. Or triangles


ID: 2635287

41. Use nailheads as giant labels

See it here.

ID: 2635387

42. Use a paint pen to make a cross-stitch pattern

DIY here.

ID: 2635416

43. Reverse stencil on a sea creature

Instructions here.

ID: 2635440

44. Or something else seaworthy

Tutorial here.

ID: 2635457

45. DIY a bone-inlay design

See how here.

ID: 2635479

46. Outline the dresser in nailheads

DIY here.

ID: 2635662

47. Cover it with silver leaf

See how here.

ID: 2635605

48. Add depth with paint-outlined drawers

Tutorial here.

ID: 2635787

49. Use Sharpie to stencil on some French flair

See how here.

ID: 2635853

50. Or scribble on some fun words

See more here.

ID: 2635979

51. Add gold brackets for a campaign look

DIY here.

ID: 2636103

52. Use wood icing to add texture

Instructions here.

ID: 2636211

53. Give it some nautical stripes

See how here.

ID: 2636223

54. Replace drawer pulls with rope

DIY here.

ID: 2636305

55. Use house numbers for pulls

DIY here.

ID: 2636382

56. Add casters

Instructions here.

ID: 2636368

57. Screw on some MegaBlocks

Idea here.

ID: 2636392

58. Add vinyl letters

See how here.

ID: 2636403

59. Give it a pattern and a monogram

Instructions here.

ID: 2636410

60. Carry a stenciled design onto the top

See how here.

ID: 2636470

61. Add molding in fun shapes

See how here.

ID: 2636480

62. Get rid of the drawers

From here.

ID: 2636493

63. Use the drawers as a bookshelf

See how here.

ID: 2636092

64. Go crazy with colorful paint

See more here.

ID: 2636542

65. Add a little leopard

Instructions here.

ID: 2637955

66. Add pretty graphic drawer liners

See how here.

ID: 2636514

67. Paint the inside a contrasting color

See examples here.

ID: 2636547

68. Mix and match patterns

Inspiration here.

ID: 2636557

69. Add door-knocker handles


DIY here.

ID: 2636590

70. Glue on colored pencils

DIY here.

ID: 2636669

71. Paint on some waves

From Chromalab.

ID: 2636727

72. Use leather for DIY pulls

Instructions here.

ID: 2636742

73. Cover the drawers with tile

Tutorial here.

ID: 2636754

74. Add mirrors on all sides


See how they did it here.

ID: 2657844

75. Paint on a Union Jack

See how here.

ID: 2636765

76. Personalize with a blown-up family photo

DIY here.

ID: 2636794

77. Or a colorful poster

DIY here.

ID: 2637690

78. Add new mid-century modern legs

DIY here.

ID: 2636813

79. Glue on some antique yardsticks

Tutorial here.

ID: 2636823

80. Cover it with multicolored wooden shims

DIY here.

ID: 2638438

81. Let the paint drip

Directions here.

ID: 2636836

82. Make drawers into the world’s biggest Legos

Inspiration here.

ID: 2636881

83. Use fabric or paint for a faux-mosaic look

DIY here.

ID: 2636899

84. Add a gilded diamond

Instructions here.

ID: 2637738

85. Create a mosaic with cracked mirror

As long as you’re not superstitious. Instructions here.

ID: 2637797

86. Decoupage with botanical prints

Inspiration here.

ID: 2637831

87. Or use handles to create faux suitcase drawers

Tutorial here.

ID: 2637862

88. Replace drawers with mismatched suitcases

Inspiration here.

ID: 2637877

89. Add a clean chevron to a rustic frame

Instructions here.

ID: 2637902

90. Add chalkboard paint for easy labeling

Scott Hawkins /

See how here.

ID: 2637914

91. Add vertical stripes with geometric stencils

Get the stencils here.

ID: 2637927

92. Cover it with sheet music

DIY here.

ID: 2637944

93. Add a DIY concrete top

Instructions here.

ID: 2637975

94. Use nailheads for a DIY swirl design

They used chalk to draw the design on first.

ID: 2638008

95. Use PVC pipe to make a modern design

DIY here.

ID: 2638034

96. Paint a fun geometric pattern

DIY here.

ID: 2638259

97. Add a Greek key design

DIY here.

ID: 2638463

98. Modge podge many family photos

See how here.

ID: 2638075

99. Give it some graffiti

Instructions here.

ID: 2638493

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