19 Times CVS Receipts Had No Chill

    *buys a pack of gum* *knits scarf using receipt*

    When this one was like three times the size of Super Grover.

    And when this one was most of the length of a dad.

    When this one was as tall as a REASONABLY SIZED HUMAN CHILD.

    And a normal human leg.


    When this one could double as Christmas tree garland.

    This one that actually could work as a belt.

    This crazy long proof of purchase for ONE ITEM.

    This lovely reward for buying one can of iced tea.

    The time one matched these size 13 boots step for step.

    Look, it's an ersatz seatbelt!

    This one could literally function as a yardstick.

    This one you could actually use as a (very flimsy) scarf.

    This receipt is 5'3"!!!!!

    You could almost bungee jump off of one.

    This one is taller than a dad on a chair.

    It's getting out of control!!!!

    It's destroying lives!!!!!

    Stop the madness.