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23 Things That Get Way More Exciting As You Get Older

Turn up for GARDENING. *breakdances*

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1. Getting socks as a gift.

Socks for Christmas, age 8: WTF ARE YOU KIDDING ME

Socks for Christmas, age 28: "Sweet god in heaven!"

2. Fancy kitchen appliances.

3. Reading online reviews of fancy kitchen appliances.

4. Going for walks. (Not walking to get somewhere. Just...walking.)

6. Folding laundry. (It's so soothing!)

7. 401(k) matching.

Max that shit out!

8. Hobbies that don't require you to leave the house.

9. Splurging for the nice cleaning supplies.

10. Movies that start before 7 p.m.

Remember going to the 11 p.m. show with your friends in high school? LOL.

11. Chill bars where you can actually hear what people are saying.

12. Learning about history.

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13. Identifying types of trees.

Is that a cypress??

14. Silence.

15. HGTV.

Fox / Via

16. Waking up early on weekends.

And running errands before every place gets crowded!

18. Shoe insoles.

Once you go insole, you never go back.

Once you go insole, you never go back.

20. Comfortable shoes.

You know, "heels" is only one letter off from "hells."

21. Fiber.

Keep your body movin'.

22. Furniture shopping.

Even if it means going to Ikea.

23. And Friday nights with no plans.

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