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23 Words That Have A Totally Different Meaning When You Move To NYC

These streets will make you feel br— $18 FOR A GIN AND TONIC???

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1. "Going to the airport"

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Used to mean: You stuff your suitcase into a friend's trunk and they nicely drive you to the terminal.

Now it means: Choose between mind-blowingly expensive cab ride or two-hour-long A train or bus ride spent spooning your suitcase! Or LOL, figuring how the hell to get to Newark.


4. "Apartment hunting"

Used to mean: Scoping out a cool new apartment complex and signing a lease for a place three months from now.

Now it means: A frantic two-week hellscape in which you must sell your soul to Craigslist, see apartments with only 30 seconds' notice, coordinate movers at the last minute and strip-mine your entire savings account.


11. "Winter"

Used to mean: Getting in your nice heated car and driving to work.

Now it means: Covering every square inch of exposed skin so you can walk in a 10-degree wind tunnel to get to your office.


15. "Long-distance relationship"

Used to mean: Dating someone an hour or two hours away.

Now it means: The same thing, but that means dating someone who lives in Yorkville when you live in Kensington.



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