29 Photos You Need To Look At Really, Really Carefully

    Go ahead and clear your schedule for the day.

    1. This man didn't pee his pants.

    2. These women are not conjoined twins.

    3. This is a mirror, not a canvas.

    4. This man doesn't actually have long, smooth legs.

    5. This woman actually does have a head.

    6. This woman is wearing bikini bottoms.

    7. This isn't a sausage man.

    8. This woman's head is attached to her body.

    9. This isn't the romantic moment it looks like.

    10. This bartender isn't wearing a skirt.

    11. This picture is actually G-rated.

    12. So is this one.

    13. This boy doesn't actually have an extremely long arm.

    14. This is not a man standing beside a reflective lake.

    15. This man isn't hugging this woman.

    16. This dog is really a normal size.

    17. And this is a picture of three people.

    18. The rock is in a pool.

    19. This is... What is this?

    20. This is just...hard to figure out.

    21. This cat isn't actually transparent.

    22. This guy is not wearing a wedding dress.

    23. This is not someone holding up a photograph.

    24. This woman isn't abnormally skinny.

    25. This is not a girl with an extremely large head.

    26. This man isn't part of the painting.

    27. This girl doesn't really have extra-long arms.

    28. This woman isn't actually smoking.

    29. And which head belongs to which body?