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What It's Like Being The One Person At College Who Doesn't Drink


So, you go to college.

And for whatever reason, you're not really into the partying scene.

So while all your friends are like:

You're just like:

Everyone assumes your weekends are super boring:

They assume this is you, every Thursday night:

And sometimes you do just feel like staying in.

But obviously, you do go out sometimes! You still go dancing, even though you feel a little awkward.

And you still go to parties:

Believe it or not, you can even go to a game sober and still enjoy yourself.

And of course, most of your friends are thrilled to let you be the designated driver for the night.

But, not everyone gets it. People are like, "Hey, aren't you THIRSTY? Have a drink!"

"It's just beer!"

"How can you NOT DRINK???"

The worst part is that everyone assumes you're basically a fifth grade D.A.R.E. instructor thumbing your nose at them.

Everyone thinks you judge THEM for drinking.

But you honestly don't care what other people do. Really, you don't. You've just made your personal choice.

You still date.

You still have a good time.

You just have way less of these moments:

So the next morning, when your friends are pretty much DOA in Hangoverville:

You're like:

Yeah, sometimes you wish you could trade your Diet Coke for something a little stronger.

And maybe you'll decide to drink someday.

But for now, you're happy with who you are.