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    No Seriously, What Does Wi-Fi Stand For?

    Get ready to find out!

    Most of us know Wi-Fi as "something we panic about when we can't find."

    But have you ever thought about what Wi-Fi actually stands for?

    For awhile, a lot of people, including the U.S. military, thought it stood for "wireless fidelity."

    Which sounds like another term for being locked into your Verizon contract. But it doesn't stand for that.

    But Wi-Fi actually stands for...nothing!

    *Which means it will fall for ANYTHING.

    Phil Belanger, a member of the Wi-Fi Alliance, told Boing Boing that Wi-Fi is a nonsense word, not an acronym.

    "It is not an acronym. There is no meaning," Belanger said. "We (the founding members of the Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance, now called the Wi-Fi Alliance) hired Interbrand to come up with the name and logo that we could use for our interoperability seal and marketing efforts. We needed something that was a little catchier than 'IEEE 802.11b Direct Sequence.'"

    "Wi-Fi" also sounds a lot like "Hi-Fi," which is of course slang for "high fidelity."

    And thus a moniker was born.

    So Wi-Fi, like a lot of things on the internet, means and stands for absolutely nothing.