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27 Moms Who Are Trolls At Heart

A mother's sense of humor is like no other.

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1. A mom who would never miss a chance to show off her baking skills.

2. A mom who invented the world's best Apple prank.

When your mom's troll game is just too strong...

3. A mom who knows how important it is to her kids that she keeps up with pop culture.

4. A mom who is tired of making you your ziplock bags full of pretzels, anyway.

5. A mom who staged an amazing newborn photo shoot for her...13-year-old newly adopted son.

6. A mom who knows the perfect way to embarrass her teen.

7. A mom and her squad, who have no time for your basicness.

8. A mom who will, OK, fine, do your chores for you.

9. A mom whose sense of humor is better than yours.

10. A mom who serves up excellent puns.

11. A mom who's a hero in every sense.

12. A mom whose cake skills really rise to the next level.

13. A mom whose multiple-text game is truly aces.

14. A mom who really has that interior design thing nailed.

15. A mom who drank a bottle of wine and wrapped presents at the same time.

16. A mom who did some clever restocking.

17. A mom who will own her kids even on their birthdays.

18. And on major holidays.

19. A mom who is NOT suffering fools, even if they're her own kids.

20. A mom who's mastered the sick Facebook burn.

21. And the art of Facebook profile shaming.

22. A mom who knows chocolate is the same thing as money, really.

23. A mom who is sick of your BS.

24. A mom who's all set for Halloween.

25. A mom who knows just how to rile up her son.

26. A mom who asks the Real Questions.

27. And a mom who is NOT impressed by your attempts to troll her back.

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