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19 Glorious Ways To Be A Smart Ass This Christmas

Because why else have relatives?

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1. This season, your dad will be SO excited that you got him his dream gift.
...until he sees what it really is.

...until he sees what it really is.

2. Or you could treat someone to some holiday laser hair removal.

3. You could wrap up a truly useful present:

...wrapping paper.

4. You can get them lottery tickets. And even save them some work!

5. Buy your sweetie the three-carat ring of their dreams.

6. And be sure to wrap it nice and tight.

7. Get your loved ones what they've been hoping for all year: an iPad.

8. Make sure to wrap your presents carefully, with lots of attention to detail.

9. Be sure to disguise them well. Really well.

10. If you have any toddlers in your life, they might appreciate this shirt. (Or at least their parents will.)

11. Take the time to play favorites.

12. You could get them a vacuum cleaner. How thoughtful!

13. Wrap everything just right.

14. Make their holiday sparkle with some new jewelry!*

*mug handle

*mug handle

15. Or a Frozen doll.

Elsa, is that you?

Elsa, is that you?

16. Or maybe a "little money"?

17. You could nab them a cozy Fair Isle sweater.

18. Kids love video games.

19. But if you hate wrapping presents, you can always save time this way.

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