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The 35 Best Things That Ever Happened In A Yearbook

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1. These twins who coordinated their quotes.

2. This insight we can all relate to.

3. This insanely good burn.

4. This teacher's portrait.

5. Kevin's motto.

6. And Aaron's.

7. And Nicholas' quote, which someone amazingly let into the yearbook.

8. This:

9. This interesting cast of characters.

10. The way young Adam Sandler signed this yearbook.

11. This guide dog for a blind student, who got his own yearbook spot.

12. This future win.

13. The way high school Jason will be remembered forever.

14. This feat of coordination.

15. Sigourney Weaver's photo.

16. Whoever snuck this acrostic in.

17. And let this quote stand.

18. Batman.

19. This emoji quote.

20. John the dreamer, and Julie the realist.

21. This excellent use of props.

22. Everything about this.

23. William.

24. Suzanne.

25. This.

26. Connor's apathy.

27. This kid who had to get zoomed out on so his hair would fit.

28. This.

29. This quote.

30. Erin's motto.

31. And Matt's.

32. This veiled quote.

33. Brandon's decision to create the best yearbook entry of all time.

34. This disclaimer.

35. And Ronald's actually awesome quote.

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