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27 Really Funny Memes To Help You Get Started On Things


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Courtesy of r/StarterPacks!

1. "It's a full-bodied IPA with some warm hops on the nose."

2. The government website starter pack.

3. So many floppy hats!

4. "This prank ruined our friendship."

5. Put down that avocado toast or you'll NEVER get a mortgage.

6. *breaks finger trying to click the back button*

7. The high school math teacher starter pack.

8. "I'm just trying to find the lyrics to 'Umbrella.'"

9. "...From your roommate back in Boulder."

10. That Trader Joe's trail mix.

11. Lol, bike lanes.

12. That nautilus!!!

13. The pretentious "farm to table" restaurant starter pack.

14. Hi, Jake Gyllenhaal.

15. The charger. Every. Time.

16. "Bland love interest."

17. OMG, they're taking forever.

18. She makes the best smoothies, though.

19. "OK, thanks Jeremy."


21. LOL, basically.

22. The "stressed college student" starter pack.

23. Too real.

24. Can you hear it? I can hear it.

25. The '90s kid summer starter pack.

26. And the '90s TV series finale starter pack.

27. Where is the lie?

See more at r/StarterPacks.

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