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13 Things You've Gone Too Long Without Knowing

But there's no day like today!

1. You can walk into Costco and buy alcohol without a membership.

Non-members can also fill prescriptions at their pharmacy, eat at the food court, and use a Costco gift card bought for them by a member.

2. If you use a Sharpie on a dry-eraser board by accident, write over it with a dry-erase marker, and then it'll wipe away.

3. A U.S. dollar bill is 6 inches long; use it to measure stuff in a pinch.

4. When it gets awkward talking to someone new, remember the FORD method for making small talk.

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F = Family (Ask about their spouse, kids, and siblings)

O = Occupation (Ask what they do and how they like it)

R = Recreation (Ask, "What do you do for fun?" or "How do you usually spend your weekends?")

D = Dreams (What have you always wanted to do? Where have you always wanted to go?)

5. If you ever get lost in a city, look at the roofs. Most satellite dishes face south if you're in the Northern Hemisphere.

Getty Images/iStockphoto Anne Ferguson

Or, like, just GPS yourself because it's 2015. But if you want to spend a sexy night in, you can use the immensely popular webpage to see which direction the satellite dishes point in your neighborhood.

6. Honey never spoils.

7. Middle-clicking a link opens it in a new tab without switching to it.

(Middle-click by clicking that scroll wheel on your mouse.)

8. To avoid crying while cutting an onion, put the onion in the freezer for about 15 minutes before cutting it.

9. Rubbing your dog's ears releases endorphins, which makes them feel really good.

Go give your dog a natural high RIGHT NOW.

10. If you save your Powerpoint presentations as .pps instead of .ppt, they'll open directly into presentation mode.

This will save you those awkward moments when you're inevitably trying to figure out how to launch slideshow mode. (It will also close as soon as the slideshow ends.)

11. When apologizing, replace the word "but" with a pause.

"But" tends to signal to people that you've lied about the first part of the apology and are shifting a bit of the responsibility.

12. A piece of bread will help you pick up glass shards left over from dropping a glass or lightbulb.

13. Mouthing the word "colorful" to someone looks like you're saying "I love you."

If you can come up with a situation where this would be useful, LMK and I will add it to this caption.

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