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13 Things You'll Only Understand If You Play Smash Hit

If enjoying TOTALLY DESTROYING THINGS is wrong, I don't want to be right.

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1. When you smash a pyramid from far away and feel like you're the one true master of the space-time continuum.

2. Or the even mightier smugness you get from taking down a laser.

3. When you DESTROY a huge chunk of the DNA thing.

4. The unadulterated glory of getting infinite balls. (That's what she said.)

5. How zen the ambient music makes you feel.

6. Even though that zen is quickly compromised by the almost physical pain you feel when you crash.

7. When you successfully open a portal:

8. Why obliterating the square hanging thing (the easiest target ever) still feels SO good.

9. When you smash some pyramids in the knick of time when you were running out of balls.

10. The breath of relief after shattering one of these panels that POPS UP OUT OF NOWHERE.

11. How you feel when you bust through a checkpoint.

12. Your addiction driving you to the point of madness.


13. The trippy, dazed feeling you get after you finally put down the game and reenter reality.

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