31 Things Teens Think Are Cool These Days

Don’t be ashamed if you have to google some of these. (Info from real teens on this Reddit thread.)

1. Vineyard Vines clothes

7. “Worshipping Kanye West”

8. Beaded wrap bracelets

“Girls have been wearing these beaded bracelets, they symbolize something but I’m kind of unclear on what.” —Apple—Pie

9. Vape pens

10. Black hi-top Converse

11. Brandy Melville

Apparently this is a “trendy Italian brand with California flair” that’s come under heat for using super-thin models.

16. Grand Theft Auto V

19. “Having strong eyebrow game”

20. Selfies


23. Tank tops on guys

26. “Ironically following religions like Wicca”

28. Vine

30. NOT being on Facebook

31. “Underage drinking”

(Some things never change.)

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