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23 Christmas Pinterest Fails That Will Have You In Tears

'Tis the season to NAIL IT.

1. Festive-lights baby: fail.

2. Snowman cookie: Slimer from Ghostbusters fail.

3. Handprint reindeer painting: fail.

4. Starlight mint ornaments: FAIL.

5. Snowman truffle: Oh dear. Fail.

6. DIY Mason jars: fail.

7. Tea light snowballs...fail?

8. This snowman tree that's ready to fight: fail.

9. "Frozen marbles" = one big giant crime-scene fail.

10. Hanging Christmas tree: Oh man.

11. Victorian gingerbread house: not up to code, exactly.

12. And a gingerbread village that is just asking to be razed.

13. These stained-glass cookies: fail.

14. This wreath: kind of funny fail?

15. This star cookie tree: a big neon fail.

16. Peppermint candy tray: big, sticky fail.

17. Holiday kiss cookies: flat fail.

18. Trying to make your baby sit still: Awwww. But fail.

19. Santa praying for the sweet release of death: fail.

20. Train cake: highway to the fail zone.

21. Reindeer cookies: poor unfortunate fail.

22. Poinsettia cookies: unrecognizable fail.

23. And these... uh...

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