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    The 21 Happiest Objects Of All Time


    1. These really really cheerful lighters.

    2. This chair who's just really excited to be here!

    3. This plane who's so stoked for takeoff.

    4. This pole who CANNOT BELIEVE IT.

    5. This piece of bread who cannot WAIT for the weekend.

    6. These adorable pots.

    7. This toothbrush holder who's REALLY excited.

    8. THESE toothbrush holders who are really excited.

    9. These toothbrush holders who are so effing excited.

    10. This super cheery car seat.

    11. This really jolly chair.

    12. This coffee who is rightly happy about being a coffee.

    13. This toilet who's looking on the bright side.

    14. This totally blissed out tree.

    15. This classic car who is sooo happy to be a classic car.

    16. This really stoked space heater.

    17. These absolutely delighted auditorium doors.

    18. These sunflowers who are so happy to see you.

    19. This pumped pair of gas meters.

    20. This happy-go-lucky purse.

    21. This jaunty pair of binoculars.