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    The 17 Most Romantic Moments On "The Office"

    BRB, I have something in my eye.

    17. This rare but sweet Ryan and Erin exchange:

    16. When Jim made Pam his famous grilled cheese sandwich:

    15. This gutsy (but temporary setback) in Dwight and Angela's courtship:

    14. Dwight's proposal to Angela:

    "This expresses how loudly I love you!"

    "It's too loud!"

    13. When Bob Vance (Vance Refrigeration) and Phyllis tied the knot:

    12. This HUGE moment from Season 2:

    11. This Pam statement: (*sniffle*)

    10. This very tender Darryl/Kevin moment:

    9. Jim's adorable gas station proposal:

    8. Kelly and Ryan's sneaky kisses during their weird, clandestine affair:

    7. The series' BEST kiss:

    6. When Jim first nervously asked Pam out:

    5. Andy and Erin's first kiss:

    4. Holly and Michael's weirdly awesome chemistry:

    3. The birth of baby Cecelia:

    2. This proposal, interrupted by fire sprinklers but still perfect:

    1. THIS, always and forever: