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39 Things You'll Only Understand If You Went To College In The Early 2000s

Back in our day it was Garden State soundtrack and chill.

1. Your friends went to parties rocking ironic trucker hats.

2. And all your COOL friends started getting Motorola Razrs.

3. But you could only text certain people, because not everyone had texting plans on their phones yet.

4. Most people still had college-issued landlines in their dorms.

Your mom made you get a calling plan so you could call home.

5. You were the first to join that new "The Facebook" thing.

6. And you used the class schedule feature to stalk people in your classes.

Remember when you could click and see who else was in SPA 202?

7. And you posted all your statuses in the third person.

Jessica is so stoked about getting John Mayer tickets!!!!!!!

8. Everyone gathered in a dorm room to watch the Sex and the City finale.

He said she's the one OMG OMG.

9. And everyone had The O.C. viewing parties on Wednesdays.

10. You quoted Strong Bad from Homestar Runner incessantly.

11. You voted for the first time in the 2004 presidential election.

12. Because the stakes were HIGH.

13. On your introspective nights, you stayed awake listening to the Garden State soundtrack.

14. Which you got from that one person on your floor who had a disc burner and a giant library of pirated CDs and movies.

You would beg them to "rip" you stuff, because there was no high-speed internet yet.

15. This is where you ate when you were tired of dining hall food.

16. You updated your AIM profile with super emo messages.

17. And you set alerts for when your crush signed on and off.

*door opening sound* your heart flutters

*door slamming sound* hope and happiness are gone forever

18. You played Drunk Jenga in your flared jeans and Rainbow Sandals.

19. The people who brought laptops to class took notes on this.

20. Although most people still took notes ~by hand~.

21. There was that one group of guys in the dorm who did nothing but play Halo.

22. Your mom called you to tell you how much she liked "Hey Ya" by Outkast.

23. But when you went out to da club, you were only bumping one song: "Hot in Herre" by Nelly.

And shouting the "I am getting so hot, I'm gonna take my clothes off" part while giggling uncontrollably.

24. Everyone put up Christmas lights in their dorm.

25. You knew there was only one.

26. You took photos of your friends on an actual digital camera. (NOT a smartphone.)

27. And you used a scanner to scan the photos onto your computers.

28. Which means many of your digital pics are gone forever. Which is kind of a good thing!

29. If you were on the cutting edge of tech, you downloaded illegal mp3s from Napster.

30. Which you then uploaded to your cool new iPod Mini.

31. But it wasn't weird to work out at the gym with your portable CD player.

32. Between you and your roommates, you had the entire Friends series on DVDs.

33. And you would get annoyed while binge-watching them because you had to get up and change the DVD every four episodes.

34. By the end of each semester, you had an overflowing collection of paper notes for each class.

35. Which made cramming for finals REALLY HARD.

36. So naturally, you drank a LOT of Red Bull.

37. You learned how to make a website in Flash, thinking it was the future of the internet.

38. You might've had some hard times.

39. But you wouldn't change a thing.