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    Posted on Oct 9, 2015

    23 Tweets That Sum Up San Francisco's Thoughts On The Blue Angels

    Every year, the Navy's flight squad flies ~very loud~ planes over the bay. And every year, people tweet about it.


    The Blue Angels appear to be doing that #sf thing: Circling around and around looking for parking.


    Me at the Blue Angels since I was like 2


    The Blue Angels are currently rivaling Casual Carpool in the weird San Francisco things this New Yorker doesn't understand category.


    okay that's it, these planes keep freaking me out


    That deafening shriek you hear is the sound of thousands of Blue Angels tweets being launched at once


    The Blue Angels give me the feels ✈️💗


    Are those Blue Angels or seagulls? Because your picture looks like this:


    Besides hating the corporate takeover of The City, I also hate those goddamn jets.


    Shouldn't there be more "my dog is freaking out because of the Blue Angels" tweets?


    A blue angel flew over my house and I swear to god I thought it was a bomb


    Blue Angel flying overhead set off someone's burglar alarm and sent the pigeons scattering :D


    OH a WIRED during Blue Angels fly-by: “It’s almost like the sound Afghan children get to hear on a regular basis."


    I've been stuck in traffic at one intersection in SF for 30 minutes as the Blue Angels circle overhead. Why do you all want to live here??


    The #1 reason why I don't like the Blue Angels: my poor dog is afraid for her life for almost a whole week. 😰


    that time of year in SF when everyone goes " OMG WE'RE UNDER ATTACK no wait it's just the blue angels"


    @TheRealWBTC @suldrew Blue Angels? Hate'em - they're pure military propaganda, noisy, and occasionally crash and kill pilots.


    The other cool thing about the blue angels is that my texts won't send for the next 4 days and my wifi is officially janky


    Guessing that those who loved this afternoon's Blue Angels demonstration of power over SF didn't have a project they were hoping to launch.


    hate Fleet Week & Blue Angels! End the military industrial complex!


    Hey Bay Area people, The Blue Angels are cool, but that doesn't mean you should take pictures of them while driving. #stupids


    When traffic sucks but blue angels are putting on show


    Ok who the fuck pays for the blue angels? It better not be my taxes. Where do I get reimbursed?


    In my revenge porn movie, a Blue Angel pilot is trying to sleep but is kept awake by me typing loudly on a full-action 1980's era keyboard

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