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29 Things That Will Make You Say "Damn, That's So Smart"

Why didn't I think of these???

1. These baskets that let customers choose whether they want help from a salesperson or not.

2. This credit card tip jar.

3. This hotel that gives you a separate towel for taking off your makeup.

4. An avocado that comes with a sticker so you know when it's ripe.

5. This picnic table that has seating for a high chair, kids, adults, and people using wheelchairs all at once.

6. This HP ad that's designed to look like two different ads.

7. This sign that lets you move the N to indicate when your store is closed.

8. An elevator that has buttons you can push with your feet if your hands are full.

9. This rental car in Ireland that has a reflective dashboard sticker reminding you to drive on the other side of the road.

10. This vending machine that refunds your money if the item doesn't drop.

11. This microwave that's a pull-out drawer.

12. And this microwave that has a button to let you turn off the sound, so you don't wake up your family with your late night popcorn.

13. These bristles on a bathroom door that hide the cracks so no one can see you peeing.

14. This highlighter that has a clear part so you can see what you're highlighting.

15. These brownies that are labeled based on which part of the pan they came from.

16. This coffee shop menu that shows what each of the coffees are.

17. This washing machine that lets you specify what food stain you need to clean out of your clothes.

18. This guy who folded his newspaper to make an iPad holder for his flight.

19. This pet pooping station at the airport.

20. A McDonald's that has a walk-through.

21. This ATM that lets you choose what kind of bills you want.

22. This library that has cake pans you can check out.

23. A menu that lets you buy the kitchen staff a round of beers.

24. This table that has a neat slot for your cone of fries.

25. This coffee shop that makes ice cubes out of coffee so they won't dilute your cold drink.

26. This auto shop that gives you a discount if you return their stolen pen.

27. This mall that has a vending machine for a local farmer's goods.

28. And this school that has a vending machine for woodwind reeds and violin strings.

29. And a toilet that plays music so no one can hear you pee.