21 Signs You're Hopelessly Addicted To Instagram

    I'm sorry, did you just use KELVIN???

    1. Choosing a filter takes you about a solid 15 minutes.

    2. You get irrationally excited when someone pushes you over to 11 likes.

    3. You make fun of people who use hashtags... but you use them anyway.

    4. The anticipation of waiting for your first like almost kills you.

    5. You don't care if lining up the perfect shot makes you look stupid.

    6. This is the most annoying thing in the whole world:

    7. You live for the numbers in the little orange box.

    8. When people try to tell you to take fewer pictures because you're missing out on real life, you're just like:

    9. Your dream is to someday get an Instagram selfie with your favorite celeb.

    Photos are the new autographs.

    10. You tell EVERYONE how inferior every other social network is.

    11. You purposely upload photos of cute animals to try to get as many likes as possible.

    12. You check your feed constantly, and in weird places.

    13. Selfies are an art form, and you're kind of its Van Gogh.

    14. You take every single photo with the square crop in mind.

    15. Technical difficulties throw you into a PANIC.

    16. When you're on literally any rooftop with a view:

    17. You treat your "Following" list with a grave amount of reverence.

    18. You've brought your phone into some dangerous places to get just the right shot.

    19. You secretly think your food photos are the best.

    20. You've stealthily deleted a photo because it only got three likes.

    21. You silently judge people who use Toaster.