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Can You Make It Through These Early 2000s Outfits Without Screaming For Mercy?

It was the best of scarf belts, it was the worst of scarf belts.

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24. Jessica Simpson's side lace-up denim tunic with matching low-rise fringe shorts.

Getty Images / Chris Weeks

2000s level: Making sure to burn to a CD-RW instead of just a CD-R.

21. Britney's colored lens sunglasses, midriff top, and jeans with novelty zipper.

Getty Images Kevin Winter

2000s level: Pretending to understand all the sex references in American Pie because all your friends are laughing along.

17. Jennifer Lopez's oversize suspenders and wide-leg white pants.

Getty Images Vince Bucci

2000s level: Downloading "Hot in Herre" on Limewire in only 16hrs, 8min, and 43 seconds.

16. Kelly Clarkson's stylized cross necklace, platform heels, and scarf belt (with bonus chunky highlights).

15. Mandy Moore's rope waist belt, statement earrings, and denim mini.

Scott Gries/ImageDirect Scott Gries

2000s level: A "new" Volkswagen Beetle with a fake daisy in the cupholder.

4. Pink's long furry coat, keyhole crop top, and waistband-altered low-rise jeans.

Getty Images Frank Micelotta

2000s level: Going through your friend's zip case of CDs in their car and judging it.

3. Beyoncé's boot-cut low-rise stonewashed embroidered jeans with the waistline cut off.

Getty Images Frank Micelotta

2000s level: Kicking that jerk Kyle out of your Myspace Top 8.

1. And of course:


2000s level: Singing "go shorty, it's your birthday" to your friend on her birthday and making sure you have actual Bacardi on hand.

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