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Can You Make It Through These Early 2000s Outfits Without Screaming For Mercy?

It was the best of scarf belts, it was the worst of scarf belts.

25. Kim Kardashian's shiny slip dress and quilted clutch.

24. Jessica Simpson's side lace-up denim tunic with matching low-rise fringe shorts.

23. Brad Pitt's Kangol bucket hat and embellished button down.

22. Anne Hathaway's floral spaghetti-strap dress and straw purse.

21. Britney's colored lens sunglasses, midriff top, and jeans with novelty zipper.

20. Christina Aguilera's menswear top, black clip-ins, and fedora.

19. Shannon Elizabeth's sheer bedazzled everything.

18. Sisqo's chest-baring patchwork Canadian tuxedo.

17. Jennifer Lopez's oversize suspenders and wide-leg white pants.

16. Kelly Clarkson's stylized cross necklace, platform heels, and scarf belt (with bonus chunky highlights).

15. Mandy Moore's rope waist belt, statement earrings, and denim mini.

14. Justin Timberlake's tie-dye tank top and pants.

13. Fergie's... this.

12. ScarJo's Earth-toned tie-dye and Uggs.

11. Nicole Richie's skinny scarf, minidress, and logo handbag.

10. Puff Daddy's chunky knit turtleneck, beige scarf, and beiger coat.

9. Tara Reid's leather blazer over a turtleneck with matching belt.

8. Kelly Rowland's crop top, cutoff mini, high-top sneaker pumps, and baguette bag.

7. Eminem's ridiculously baggy sweatsuit.

6. Hilary Duff's animal print, furry boots, scarf, and whatever else is going on there.

5. Ashton Kutcher's cowboy hat, fuzzy coat, and 'stache.

4. Pink's long furry coat, keyhole crop top, and waistband-altered low-rise jeans.

3. Beyoncé's boot-cut low-rise stonewashed embroidered jeans with the waistline cut off.

2. Ashlee Simpson's skinny scarf, silky top, menswear capris, and suede boots.

1. And of course: