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21 Photos Short Girls Will Definitely Relate To

"Can you reach that for me, please?" - you, 24/7

1. Going to concerts:

2. When you still get carded for R-rated movies:

3. Living in denial:

4. Trying to reach the weightlifting machines:

5. When someone underestimates you because of your height:

6. Group selfie problems:

7. Trying to make yourself seen on social media:

8. Borrowing a sweater from a boy:

9. Trying to buy pants. Any kind of pants. At any store.

10. Plotting your revenge:

11. Driving in the afternoon:

12. Going somewhere with your squad:

13. Trying to change your bedsheets when you have a very small wingspan:

14. This:

15. Wearing tights out:

16. Swimming:

17. Trying to stand out in the crowd:

18. The questions:

19. Grocery shopping:

20. Making dinner:

21. And when someone tries to check you: