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    Shocking Proof You're Cathy IRL


    1. You really, really hate exercising.

    2. Flirting-wise, this about sums up your game:

    3. You're still afraid of your mom sometimes...

    4. ...but you still can't cook anything without calling her.

    5. Complaining at work is your jam.

    6. Your dreams every night:

    7. You and your SO basically just laugh and sweat a lot:

    8. Your weekend:

    9. This is how you reply to every question:

    10. This is what you've done with your life so far:

    11. You know that dating just gets worse and worse with age:

    12. Taxes make you perspire profusely.

    13. Every day on Facebook you're like:

    14. You're nodding right now:

    15. You're constantly fighting off the seductive wiles of chocolate:

    16. This is you every time you try to go to the gym:

    17. Most of the time you just feel like this:

    Just embrace it!

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