Shocking Proof You’re Cathy IRL


1. You really, really hate exercising.

2. Flirting-wise, this about sums up your game:

3. You’re still afraid of your mom sometimes…

4. …but you still can’t cook anything without calling her.

5. Complaining at work is your jam.

7. You and your SO basically just laugh and sweat a lot:

9. This is how you reply to every question:

10. This is what you’ve done with your life so far:

11. You know that dating just gets worse and worse with age:

12. Taxes make you perspire profusely.

13. Every day on Facebook you’re like:

14. You’re nodding right now:

15. You’re constantly fighting off the seductive wiles of chocolate:

16. This is you every time you try to go to the gym:

17. Most of the time you just feel like this:

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