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21 Pictures That Are Too Real For Everyone Who Loves Food

Which is you. Duh.

1. When someone asks for a piece of your food:

when someone asks me for a piece of my food

2. Every morning at 10.

When you're hungry and someone says "we just ate breakfast!" #lotr

3. The real 420:

4. <3 <3 <3

5. When all you want is a FREAKING CONE.

When McDonald's says their ice cream machine isn't working

6. One words: TACOS.

7. Emotions.

8. At the drive-thru:

9. Don't even think about it.

When someone reaches for a slice of your pizza

10. "Did you say nachos?"

When you mad but someone offers you food.

11. Sexy talk:

12. Happily ever after.

13. Going to a restaurant.

14. Exercise is overrated.

15. It really is though.

16. True love:

17. Your motto:

18. The real truth:

19. The worst:

20. But you just go for it anyway:

when you're hungry but you already brushed your teeth

21. And the perils of being hangry: