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    17 Sexy Teen Hunks Who've Actually Gotten Hotter

    You've all aged nicely out of those frosted tips, gentlemen.

    1. James Van Der Beek (Dawson's Creek)

    Getty / Alberto E. Rodriguez

    Current age: 36

    Dawson is all grown up...but nowhere near creaky yet. (Sorry.)

    2. Chad Michael Murray (One Tree Hill)

    Getty / Frederick M. Brown

    Current age: 32

    CMM can plant more than one tree on THIS hill.

    3. Marlon Wayans (The Wayans Brothers)

    Getty / Astrid Stawiarz

    Current age: 41

    Dear TV people, never mask that much hotness with a dumb shiny fedora.

    4. Scott Speedman (Felicity)

    Getty / Alberto E. Rodriguez

    Current age: 38

    Ben, I will *werk* at the coffee shop with you any day.

    5. Justin Timberlake

    Getty / Ethan Miller

    Current age: 32

    Sometimes, against all odds, a ramen hair and colored sunglasses caterpillar becomes an ultra-smooth butterfly.

    6. Barry Watson (7th Heaven)

    Getty / David Livingston

    Current age: 39

    Matt Camden, I will still do some family-friendly, PG-rated making out with you.

    7. Paul Walker

    Getty / Tim P. Whitby

    Current age: 40

    I'm no Laney Boggs but I'd slow dance with those sweet, sweet cheekbones.

    8. Tom Welling (Smallville)

    Getty / Ian Gavan

    Current age: 36

    Talk about a super-RUGGED-man.

    9. Ryan Phillippe

    Getty / Valerie Macon

    Current age: 39


    10. Mario Lopez (Saved by the Bell)

    Getty / Paul A. Hebert

    Current age: 40

    He's so shiny. In a good way.

    11. Andrew Keegan

    Getty / Michael Loccisano

    Current age: 34

    10 things I do not hate about Andrew except for that creepy sun pendant.

    12. Hanson

    Getty / Frazer Harrison

    Current ages: 32 (Isaac), 30 (Taylor), 28 (Zac)

    [MMMBop joke]

    13. Malcom-Jamal Warner (The Cosby Show)

    Getty / Rick Diamond

    Current age: 43

    TheOMG HuxtabLET'S DO THIS.

    14. Joseph-Gordon Levitt (Third Rock from the Sun)

    Getty / Rob Kim

    Current age: 32

    Pulling a Hanson: chopping off your shoulder length '90s hair and becoming TOTALLY FOXY.

    15. Joshua Jackson (Dawson's Creek)

    Getty / Stephen Lovekin

    Current age: 35

    A true frosted tips-to-riches tale of hunkdom.

    16. Jonathan Taylor Thomas

    Current age: 32

    JTT, I think we're ALL ready for a little tool time, IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. *high five*

    17. Leonardo DiCaprio

    Getty / Stephen Lovekin

    Current age: 38

    THERE WAS ROOM FOR TWO ON THE RAFT and there's always room for two in my room, Leo. ;)

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