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    Here's How To Check Your Secret Instagram Inbox

    OMG, messages.

    Instagram is, like, really fun.

    And let's be real, having messages is also really, really fun.

    Just like Facebook, your Instagram has a SECRET inbox. You might have thousands and thousands of unread messages from ex-lovers!*

    *Probably a mix of spam, deep spam and thirsty randos, but. YOU. NEVER. KNOW.

    Here's how to check your secret Instagram messages:

    1. On your home screen, go to your Inbox.

    Jess Misener / Buzzfeed

    2. If you have "Other" messages, you'll see an alert like this.

    Jess Misener / BF

    That's it! Now, just like your Facebook Other inbox, the quality of these messages may vary.

    Jess Misener / BuzzFeed

    You can hit "Decline All" at the bottom to banish the randos forever if you want.

    So, what'd ya get? Anything good?


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