30 Fascinating Photos Of San Francisco Protests

    Fighting the Man amidst the fog.

    1941: Youths remove the German swastika flag from the pole of the German consulate in San Francisco.

    1960: College students protesting the execution of Caryl Chessman pause on the San Francisco side of the Golden Gate Bridge during their protest march to San Quentin Prison.

    1963: An effort by San Francisco Women for Peace to call attention to their aims resulted in the releasing of large quantities of balloons in the Haight Street District with the slogan "Test Ban Now"€ on each one.

    1965: Andrew McDonald II, a San Jose State college student from Hayward, claps as San Jose marchers parade at the Federal Building in San Francisco during a Selma, Alabama, protest demonstration.

    1967: Anti-Vietnam war demonstrators fill Fulton Street during a five-mile march through the city.

    1970: A group of Native Americans seize Alcatraz.

    1971: Poet Allen Ginsburg joins the picket line outside Varig Airlines in protest over theater workers who had been arrested in Brazil.

    1987: Gay rights activists display a puppet mocking the Pope in advance of the arrival of Pope John Paul II to San Francisco.

    1995: People throw eggs at a group of right wing anti-gay protestors who infiltrated the annual Pride Parade.

    1995: Approximately 200 women carrying cardboard tombstones bearing the names of local women who were killed in domestic violence led a march through downtown San Francisco.

    1996: A gay rights group dumps German beers in the gutter in protest of Germany's ban of sexually explicit Internet forums on Compuserve.

    1996: LGBT activists protest President Clinton, in advance of the president's visit to San Francisco, who announced he would sign a bill banning same-sex marriages (DOMA).

    1998: Protestors mock Bill Clinton, who was imbroiled in the Monica Lewinsky scandal, outside a luncheon the president was attending.

    2001: 2,000 people protested the U.S. and British military action against Taliban and terrorist targets inside Afghanistan.

    2002: Airport workers protest the new federal law banning noncitizens from working as airport screeners.

    2002: Palestinian-American women hold signs and wave the Palestinian flag during a protest against the Israeli incursion into the occupied territories.

    2002: Police arrest 28 protestors who had gathered on the Golden Gate Bridge to oppose the Israeli occupation of Palestinian towns and refused to leave.

    2002: People protest outside of the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, where the constitutionality of the Pledge of Allegiance was being debated.

    2002: Demonstrators carry signs outside the Fairmont Hotel where U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney delivered the keynote address to the California Commonwealth Club.

    2002: Several thousand anti-war activists protest a possible war in Iraq.

    2003: Over 100,000 people gather at Civic Center to protest the Iraq war.

    2003: Dozens were arrested as the group "Direct Action to Stop the War" protested the Bechtel Corporation's new involvement in the rebuilding of Iraq following the U.S.-led war in Iraq.

    2004: An unidentified protester lies in the street with a plant sitting on her chest outside of Bio2004, the biotech-pharmaceutical industry's annual gathering of corporate executives and lobbyists, in front of the Moscone Center.

    2005: Thousands of nurses, teachers, firefighters, peace activists and senior groups rallied outside of the Ritz Carlton Hotel against Gov. Schwarzenegger.

    2012: An Occupy protestor holds up a depiction of a Wall Street executive during a demonstration that occupied the intersection of Market and Montgomery Streets.

    2013: At least four nude activists were arrested as they protested San Francisco's new ban on nudity in public places.

    2015: San Francisco Gay Pride Parade marchers protest Facebook not allowing transgender people from choosing their own name, rather than birth name on the social networking site.

    2014: Protestors with the San Francisco Tenant Union staged a demonstration outside of a building that allegedly evicted tenants to convert units into AirBnb units.

    2016: People hold up signs and a tent during a protest to demand city officials do more to help homeless people outside Super Bowl City, a pro-football's weeklong theme park near the famed Ferry Building in San Francisco.

    2016: People hold up signs during a rally in support of data privacy outside the Apple store.