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21 Of The Most Awesome Things To Ever Happen In A Target

Besides you managing to leave without spending ALL OF YOUR MONEY.

1. When it owned this guy.

2. This sale that's just to die for.

3. This creative book stocking.

4. When it stocked some very tasty beverages.

5. And delicious dinners.

6. When this employee was just done.

7. When these pillows were not found.

8. When it stocked Mountain Dew and Doritos alongside the new Call of Duty.

9. When the candy was shelved oh-so-perfectly.

10. This.

11. When it had so much chill.

12. This own.

13. When it made this helpful back-to-school display.

14. When it just wanted to help you Netflix and chill.

15. When someone did this.

16. And this.

17. When it locked up its most precious cargo.

18. This kid who has it all figured out.

19. The number of this pet products aisle.

20. This AMAZING activewear mannequin.

21. And this VERY AWESOME placement of products.