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18 Reasons Being Single During The Holidays Is Pretty Great

Hark the herald angels sing / I'm hogging the entire bed and there's nothing you can do about it.

1. More eggnog for you!

2. Social obligations are easier to get out of.

3. You don't have to introduce anyone to your weird relatives.

4. Because this can be your version of a Christmas tree and Christmas dinner, and no one can say anything about it:

5. And you can wear whatever you want.

6. Mistletoe is overrated.

7. No awkward feelings when those "every kiss beings with K" commercials pollute your favorite show.

8. You know what's better than cuddling? Hogging the whole bed.

9. You won't have to take any awkward Christmas photos you'll regret later.

10. December is a great month for dating.

11. Instead of stressing about buying your S/O the right gift, you can buy YOURSELF something you really want.

12. Holiday break from school/work means more time to do...whatever the hell you want.

13. ...including watching Love Actually as many times as your heart desires.

14. Winter weight gain? Who cares!

15. You can take your own very cool holiday portrait.

16. You can book a flight without consulting anyone first.

17. You only have to go to one office holiday party.

18. Besides, you never know who you'll meet...