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25 Signs BodyPump Is Rapidly Taking Over Your Life

For everyone who does upright rows with their grocery bags.

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1. You used to listen to all kinds of music, but now you mostly listen to tracks you heard in class.

SO. MUCH. Fall Out Boy and Ellie Goulding.

2. And you automatically count them out in your head.

"Ready? Two by two!"

"Ready? Two by two!"

3. You don't really feel alive in squats until sweat starts dripping out of your elbow creases.

Usually as a direct result of "drop and hold!" 😣

4. But sometimes you give up halfway through core and just contemplate life.


*checks Instagram while everyone else is bicycle crunching*

5. You have YOUR spot in class, and you WILL get there early to claim it.

Sorry, newbies.

Sorry, newbies.

6. You finally went and bought training gloves and it changed your life.

No more calluses!

7. Your squat bar is now so heavy you have a hard time lifting it onto your back.


8. But you can expertly grab a stack of four of these in one fell swoop.

9. You kind of love dropping your bar with a little drama after a set.

And sometimes you NEED to, because you just did like 800 power presses.

10. And you secretly feel ~like a boss~ when you get up and put your bench away after triceps.

Not my first time at this rodeo.

11. You intellectually understand the concept of rest and why you can't go to class two days in a row. But. UGH.

12. You pick up boxes with a three-and-one beat.

13. When work (or ANYTHING) keeps you from making class:

14. Thanks to your new arm muscles, opening jars has gotten waaaaaay easier.

Someone call the vet, because those puppies are siiiiiiick.

Someone call the vet, because those puppies are siiiiiiick.

15. You look forward to new releases like it's Christmas.

16. And yeah, you freaked out about the new Smartbars like it was Christmas morning.

Changing weight has never been so easy.

Changing weight has never been so easy.

17. You know there's nothing like that feeling when you finally go up a plate.

18. You REALLY want to make this phone call sometimes.

19. Because you have strong opinions on which squats track is hardest.

(Stay above knee line, Beyoncé!!)

20. When someone new talks about how it hurt to get off the toilet after their first class:

21. But still, this is you after shoulder push presses.

22. And you know there's no muscle soreness like "going back to BodyPump after two weeks" muscle soreness.

23. Your dirty laundry hamper is always overflowing with pump clothes.

24. And you NEED this to be one of them.

25. And finally, BodyPump 96 is just really really hard and I need to talk about it with you guys.

What's with all the tricep dips?? And the shoulder track? So many transitions!! ahldsjf;sajflsjfs;lkf

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