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    17 Things To Do In San Francisco If You're In A Rut

    Tired of the same burritos and hikes? Here's how to shake up your weekends.

    1. Relive your childhood roller skating days at the Church of 8 Wheels.

    Where: 554 Fillmore at Fell (Lower Haight)

    Get your sk8rboi on at this renovated church. In addition to public skating hours, lessons are offered every Saturday at 1 p.m.

    2. Laugh your face off at a Neo-Futurists show.


    Where: SAFEhouse for the Arts, 1 Grove St. (Civic Center)

    Every Friday and Saturday, this hilarious and talented group of actors attempt to get through 30 mini-plays in 60 minutes.

    3. Have brunch at the gorgeous Palace Hotel.

    lonnymag / Via

    Where: 2 New Montgomery St. (Soma)

    This beautiful hotel, established in 1875, also serves up a fancypants brunch on Sunday afternoons. (It's a bit pricey, and you have to make a reservation, but it's the perfect special occasion splurge.)

    4. Tour a fortune cookie factory in Chinatown.

    Where: 56 Ross Alley

    See where the, well, cookies get made at Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory. Entrance is free, but it's nice to tip. Bonus: you get free defective cookie samples.

    5. Learn to make fresh mozzarella, vertical terrarriums, soy candles, and more at Workshop.

    Where: 1798 McAllister St. (Nopa)

    Get your hipster DIYer hat on at Workshop, where for about $60 you can learn to make anything from craft cocktails to soap. Beware: you just might discover your next favorite hobby.

    6. Go for a very '60s spin on the Magic Bus.

    Where: Departs from Union Square

    Hop on this whimsical tour bus for a tour of San Francisco's rich hippie history, including a mystical "LSD trip" and a stop at Hippie Hill. Also perfect for when you have out-of-town guests.

    7. Take a rowboat or paddleboat for a spin around Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park.

    Where: 50 Stow Lake (near the longitude of 19th Ave.)

    For $21.50/hour (row boats) or $27/hour (paddle boats), you can cruise around the lake and under some cool bridges. There's also a small café on site in case you're jonesing for a snack afterwards.

    8. Have a cocktail overlooking one of the nicest views in the city.

    garb.s / Via

    Where: 780 Mission St. (Downtown)

    Head to the tippy top floor of the 39-story Marriott Marquis and sip an Old-Fashioned as you gaze out at skyscrapers. (The drinks are a bit pricey, obviously, but well worth it.)

    9. Check out PUG SUNDAY at Alta Plaza Park.

    rhea_n_thetoad / Via

    Where: Alta Plaza Park (Jackson & Steiner)

    It's the first Sunday of the month from 1-4, and like, why do you even need convincing to go?

    10. Rent inline skates and go rollerblading through Golden Gate Park with the wind in your hair.

    Where: Golden Gate Park Bike & Skate, 3038 Fulton St.

    Contrary to what some very uncool people might say, rollerblading is still very hip and on-trend and a great way to see the park.

    11. Learn to work the trapeze at the Circus Center.

    Where: 755 Frederick St. (Inner Sunset)

    Want to try your hand at flying trapeze, aerial, acrobatics, trampoline, or juggling? You can get an intro pack of five beginner classes for $99. (There's also a "clown conservatory" at the center, if you're one of those people who's not terrified of clowns.)

    12. Walk the labyrinth at Grace Cathedral.

    Where: 1100 California St. (Nob Hill)

    A gorgeous Episcopal church, Grace Cathedral features both an indoor and outdoor labyrinth. The outdoor one is available 24/7; indoors, you can stop by from 6 – 8 pm on the second Friday of each month for a special candlelit meditation service.

    13. Summon up your inner daredevil and go hang gliding over Fort Funston.

    Where: Fort Funston (you know where it is).

    At Big Air Hang Gliding, you can soar (in tandem) over the ocean with a GoPro in tow. Just pray for a clear day!

    14. Or even scarier, come face-to-face with creepy mechanical dolls at the Musée Mécanique.

    a_nords / Via

    Where: Pier 45 (Fisherman's Wharf)

    For a super fun date idea: Play vintage arcade games for about 50 cents a pop and gawk at old electronics in the free museum.

    15. Spend an afternoon at the Tenderloin Museum.

    uchastingslaw / Via

    Where: 398 Eddy

    Discover the oft-forgotten history of one of SF's most iconic neighborhoods, including the Blackhawk Jazz Club, the Wally Heider Studios and LGBT landmarks.

    16. Go on a Sea Forager Tour and get hands on with SF's sustainable fishing industry.

    Where: Marina

    Led by San Francisco native and passionate fishmonger Kirk Lombard, you'll learn how to catch crabs, fish for eel with a poke pole, identify edible seaweeds and cast a Hawaiian fishing net.

    17. Paddle around downtown courtesy of City Kayak.

    Where: Pier 40 (south of the Ferry Building)

    Rent a kayak, canoe, surfski, or stand-up paddleboard at this downtown outpost. (Pro tip: sign up for a twilight kayak tour!)

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