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The 17 Absolute Worst People In The World

*blacks out from rage*

1. Put it back.

2. Put it back!


4. You can SEE the little thing where you're supposed to put it back.

familyman09 / Via

5. It doesn't go there!

6. You can't just leave it there!

7. Someone is going to get a DENT.

8. PuT iT bAcK.

9. ¡Deja eso en su sitio!

10. Why.

11. No one can park there now!!!

12. No one can park in TWO spaces now!!!

dangertancre / Via

13. *LaurenConrad_mascaratear.gif*

briankw97 / Via

14. No.

andrewmwilsonjr / Via


gina45683968 / Via

16. You're making it harder for everybody!

cantnot123 / Via

17. *whispers* It's right over there. You can see it.

_andrea_leigh / Via

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