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    21 Puns So Dumb They're Actually Funny

    I know these are cheesy, but they make me feel grate.

    1. I used to go fishing with Skrillex.

    Getty / Christopher Polk

    2. What's the worst thing about throwing a party in space?

    Shutterstock / IM photo / Via

    3. Yesterday a clown held the door open for me.

    Shutterstock / Kalmatsuy / Via

    4. I ate too much Middle Eastern food.

    Shutterstock / Brent Hofacker / Via

    5. I was walking through a quarry and said to the foreman, "That's a big rock!" "Boulder," he replied.

    Shutterstock / Rob Bayer / Via

    6. I serve my eggs Benedict on a golden platter.

    Shutterstock / gunnergren / Via

    7. How do you make antifreeze?

    Shutterstock / StockLite / Via

    8. It was an emotional wedding.

    Shutterstock / Denise Lett / Via

    9. What does a house wear?

    Shutterstock / romakoma / Via

    10. There was an explosion at a cheese factory in France.

    Shutterstock / librakv / Via

    11. It's hard to explain puns to a kleptomaniac, because...

    Shutterstock / Ryan Jorgenson / Via

    12. Why couldn't the bicycle stand up on its own?

    Shutterstock / Pablo Rogat / Via

    13. Did you hear about the guy who jumped off a bridge in Paris?

    Getty / Pascal Le Segretain

    14. When's the best time to go to the dentist?

    Shutterstock / T-Design / Via

    15. Two antennae were on a roof. They fell in love and got married.

    Shutterstock / Alberto Masnova / Via

    16. I asked a Frenchman if he played video games.

    Shutterstock / Barone Firenze / Via

    17. Did you hear the joke about the German sausage?

    Shutterstock / ffolas / Via

    18. What's the worst thing about ancient orators?

    Getty / Chip Somodevilla

    19. What do you do when chemists die?

    Shutterstock /Slim Sepp / Via

    20. A pet store had a bird contest.

    Shutterstock / Jill Lang / Via

    21. The furniture store keeps calling me to come back.

    Shutterstock / OZaiachin / Via

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