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19 Pretty Decent Ideas


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1. These ceiling fan chains that tell you what they do.

2. A Japanese toilet that has a "privacy" button that plays music so no one can hear you go.

3. This waterslide that goes through an aquarium.

4. These sell-by dates you can actually read.

5. This pho that comes with a fork that's also chopsticks.

6. Bus seats that are reserved for people reading books.

7. A urinal that has a foot flusher.

8. This chewing gum bin made from recycled chewing gum.

9. A movie rental place that has a hole in the wall so you can order pizza from the place next door.

10. This beach that has a sunscreen station.

11. An old cigarette vending machine that's been repurposed to dispense art.

12. And vending machines that sell school supplies.

13. This book exchange telephone booth.

14. This separate McDonald's that only serves the desserts.

15. This gas station sign that also tells you the price of coffee.

16. This hotel phone with a number for bedtime stories.

17. This public bike stand with a built-in pump.

18. A coaster that comes with a built-in toy.

19. And a nozzle you can screw into a lemon to let you spray lemon juice.

(H/T to the Mildly Interesting subreddit)

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