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These 21 Things Are So Freakin' Genius

*slow clap*

1. This hot sauce bottle that allows you to adjust the spice level.

2. This chicken and fries combo with room for your straw.

3. Going on a "blind date" with a book.

4. A yogurt lid that can be folded into a little spoon.

5. This store doggo who has a security tag on his collar so the owners can hear if he walks out.

6. This vertical chessboard on the wall of a bar.

7. A station that locks your phone away to charge while you shop.

8. This guy who folded a newspaper to make a phone holder for his airplane seat.

9. This Starbucks bag that has a cream cheese pouch so your cream cheese tub doesn't get greasy.

10. This protein powder that has a scoop that sits on top so you don't have to go digging for it.

11. This eco-friendly approach to doggie bags.

12. This coffee shop that uses beer taps to dispense milk.

13. This hotel checklist that reminds you to steal the toiletries.

14. A Where's Waldo game on the ceiling of a dentist's office.

15. This bathroom that has a two-way mirror so you can keep an eye on the bar while you pee.

16. This:

17. This exit door disguised as a bookcase in an Alzheimer's ward.

18. This cigarette butt recycling pouch.

19. This Braille Rubik's cube.

20. This receipt that comes with a nutritional breakdown of your order.

21. And this parking garage that has floor names so you can remember where you parked.

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