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23 Times The Apple Watch Event Was Basically Porn

Every year, Apple makes things just a wee bit more uncomfortable.

1. When you couldn't tell if this was an Apple event or a 50 Shades of Grey trailer.

2. When we were supposed to stare at the new MacBook as it, uh, spread open.

3. When the camera glided down its smooth, sensuous figure.

4. When everyone watched breathlessly as it changed positions.

5. When Tim Cook proudly flashed it.

6. When... this... was onscreen.

7. This intimate look at the power port.

8. When Phil Schiller complimented its physique.

9. This big metal, well, rod:

10. The "scissor mechanism":

11. This:

12. This sensual slo-mo typing:

13. When Phil ~turned down the lights~:

14. When size mattered:

15. But so did girth.

16. When "the top end is stiffer, but the bottom is softer."

17. And when you could adjust the "clickfeel" to be "softer" or "stiffer."

18. And this illustration of the "deep press":

19. This:

20. When it was "tightly controlled" to "ensure hardness" while in its molten state.

21. This weird thing:

22. This thrusting butterfly keyboard:

23. And when the cold forging process made things "80% harder."