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The 30 Best Things That Ever Happened In A Bathroom

This poo shall pass.

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1. A free pro-tip.

2. Please!

3. Get a start on your novel.

4. Some deep words.

5. This sign definitely has a good story behind it.

Haha, "behind."

Haha, "behind."

6. One way to have a smooth Valentine's Day.

7. Oh my, how delightful!

8. Sophisticated equipment.

9. An aptly positioned painting.

10. The art of a good review.

11. A fair warning.

12. Looks like Clippy's moonlighting.

13. Hmmmm, truth.

14. The ultimate passive-aggressive sign.

15. An acitivity for guests.

16. An act of bravery.

17. Good to hear!

18. Canadian bathroom graffiti.

19. Never be embarrassed in the work bathroom again.

20. The rarely cited unabridged version.

21. Toilet paper or....

22. A true work of literature.

23. Bathroom trompe l'oeil sure to confuse everyone who's been drinking.

24. This great burn.

25. Someone who took advantage of a shadow.

26. Inspiration for us all.

27. A surefire way to freak out the million people named Matt.

28. A Scottish pub enforcing the rules.

29. Wanna take this outside?

30. And a maiden voyager.

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