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    Posted on Jul 25, 2014

    23 Places That Should Never Go Out Of Business

    We are laughing too hard at your sign. Thank you.

    1. This landscaper:

    2. This Vietnamese restaurant:

    3. This towing business:

    4. This dog salon:

    5. This, er, puzzlingly named T-shirt company:

    6. This totally un-self-aware pizza place:

    7. This lawn company:

    8. This restaurant:

    9. This flower business:

    10. This soup café:

    11. This lunch place:

    12. This window company:

    13. This HVAC firm:

    14. This pooper scooper:

    15. This construction company:

    16. This grooming business:

    17. This drilling firm:

    18. This fast food place:

    19. This handbag store's URL:

    20. This car shop:

    21. This unfortunately named fishing place:

    22. This food truck:

    23. This septic business:

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