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31 Photos That Aren't What They Seem

Hold on to your screen.

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1. That's not what you think it is.

2. This girl doesn't really have huge arms.

3. This, incredibly, is NOT a butt.

4. This is actually perfectly safe.

5. This dog doesn't really have two heads.

6. He's not really hovering above the pavement.

7. This woman actually has a head.

8. That's not an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction.

9. This cat isn't actually semitransparent.

10. That's not a naked guy.

11. This is not a man standing at a reflective lake.

12. This is not someone holding up a photograph.

13. This girl doesn't have a large hairy arm.

14. The rock is in a pool.

15. This isn't a creepily skinny woman.

16. Nope, not a woman with a foot-hand.

17. This is not a girl with a disproportionately large head.

18. This is NOT a baby with big-person legs.

19. This woman isn't actually smoking a joint.

20. This guy is not really wearing a wedding dress.

21. That's not a fly-down problem.

22. This man actually does have a hand.

23. This shirt isn't malfunctioning.

24. This man doesn't actually have long, smooth legs.

25. This man isn't part of a painting.

26. This THANKFULLY isn't a giant spider that died on the street.

27. This requires a little bit of staring to figure out.

28. Nothing has actually happened to Kevin Durant's hair.

29. This photo isn't really X-rated.

30. This hockey player does actually have a head.

31. This one might take you forever.

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