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Skinny Jeans Are Officially Over

Bootcut is back. I repeat, BOOTCUT IS BACK.

Skinny jeans have been in style for approximately 3,000 years. (Or you know, since like 2007.)

And though they've had their detractors...

We're all still wearing them.

Vogue and the Wall Street Journal predicted the end of skinny jeans a while ago, and it seems like they've finallly WON THE WAR.



Abercrombie is selling flared jeans for the teens!

So is Forever 21.

Teens at American Eagle are about to discover a whole new realm of pants.

J.Crew is planning on you buying these...gauchos.

J Brand, Kate Middleton's favorite denim line, wants your ankles breathing free.

Banana Republic is selling bootcut jeans to men.

And Old Navy is selling bootcut CORDS straight out of 1998.

Levi's has a new line of bootcut jeans in, yes, 2015.

"Boyfriend jeans" — featuring a looser fit leg — are everywhere.

Not everyone will be happy about this.

tbh I will never stop wearing skinny jeans,,,,not even at 30 nope

let me tell you no matter how out of fashion skinny jeans get i will never stop wearing them

I'll probably stop wearing skinny jeans...... never

But this might be better for us as a society!

RIP skinny jeans.

  1. Are you ready to give up your skinny jeans?

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Are you ready to give up your skinny jeans?
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    Yes! So tired of the ~daily squeeze~.
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    F you, pal, I will never stop wearing skinny jeans.

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