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    I Just Learned About Moon Rainbows And They're Totally Beautiful

    It's like something out of a science fiction movie.

    Rainbows are a universal symbol of pride, love, hope, and a brand new day.

    But did you know that there is also such a thing as a night rainbow????

    It's called a lunar rainbow, or, cutely, a moonbow.

    Moonbows are formed the same way as day rainbows, by refraction of light in water droplets.

    However, with a moonbow, that light comes from — you guessed it — the moon, not the sun.

    If you've seen a halo, or corona, around the moon, then you've seen a type of moonbow.

    If you're trying to spot a more distinct moonbow IRL, here are a few tips:

    1. They're most often visible during a full moon, when light is bright enough to empower refraction.

    2. Moonbows often appear white to the naked eye, because moonlight is dimmer than sunlight and doesn't trigger your eyes' color receptors with the same intensity.

    3. "Spray moonbows" are pretty reliably seen near waterfalls, which fill the air with water droplets.

    Happy moonbow hunting!