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    23 '90s Board Games You Probably Forgot About

    Those little Mastermind pieces: Fucking. Everywhere.

    1. Pizza Party

    Would have been way more fun if it came with actual pizza.

    2. Grape Escape

    Letting kids unleash their inner sadists by mercilessly murdering Play-Doh grape people.

    3. Mastermind

    Your mom accidentally vacuumed up half of the pieces.

    4. Eat at Ralph's

    Just feed the owner of a restaurant until he vomits it all up. Fun!

    5. The Cootie Game

    Plastic bug limbs EVERYWHERE.

    6. Shark Attack!

    This was THE coolest game, based solely on Saturday morning commercials.

    7. Flipsiders


    8. Splat!

    Squishing your opponent's bugs was so satisfying.

    9. Pay Day

    A lot less fun now that you're playing the IRL version.

    10. Forbidden Bridge

    The original Temple Run.

    11. Fraidy Cats

    Has a commercial jingle ever been catchier??

    12. Don't Wake Daddy

    This was actually really scary!

    13. Fireball Island

    God, this game was so cool.

    14. Ask Zandar

    Zandar was a glorified Magic 8 Ball, but you were secretly worried you would turn into Tom Hanks from Big.

    15. Gooey Louie

    Pretty gross, now that you look back on it.

    16. 13 Dead End Drive

    This game taught you a valuable lesson: You can get rich by murdering your friends!!

    17. Dizzy Dizzy Dinosaur

    That dinosaur was kind of a drunk asshole.

    18. Cookie Cop

    How many of our parents' tax dollars were going toward this unconstitutional act of cookie law enforcement?

    19. Back Off Buzzard

    Just a chill vulture casually scooping you up to devour your innards.

    20. Mystery Mansion

    It was like Clue but with greed, too!

    21. Othello

    Your least favorite game, but your mom made you play it.

    22. Don't Break the Ice

    The most stressful experience of all your eight years on the planet.

    23. Mouse Trap


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