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17 Little Things That Should Be Common Knowledge But Aren't

This involves pizza. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.

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3. The average color of the universe is this shade of beige, which astronomers have dubbed "Cosmic Latte."

That's right, the average shade of all the light in the universe, as studied by Johns Hopkins University astronomers, can be summed up in hexadecimal code FFF8E7. It's kind of like if Monday were a color.

4. The sun is actually WHITE.,

We think of the sun as yellow, but it's actually every color mixed together, which appears as white to our eyes. You can see this in photos of the sun from space. Eyewitnesses have confirmed that the sun has recently been spotted complaining at Whole Foods about the organic kale supply.

5. When meeting new people, you can use the FORD acronym to come up with things to talk about.


F = Family (Talk about their spouse, kids, and in-laws)

O = Occupation (Ask what they do, and/or how they got there)

R = Recreation (What do you do for fun? or When was the last time you...?)

D = Dreams (What have you always wanted to do? Where have you wanted to go?)

Awkwardness foiled!

6. Don't clean with ammonia and bleach at the same time.

Mixing the two common cleaning chemicals forms poisonous gases called chloramines, which can be harmful to your health at best and create explosions at worst.

7. You can type any doctor's name into this database and see what types of kickbacks or payments they've received from drug companies.

For example, if your doctor is very pushy about you trying Lipitor over other statins, and you see that he or she has received a large payment or gift from Pfizer, you might want to inquire further on their reasoning.


8. The abbreviation "Xmas" doesn't originate from a plan to "take Christ out of Christmas."

In Greek, Christ is spelled Χριστός. The X in "Xmas" represents the first letter of the term — the Greek chi — and serves as an abbreviation for Christ.


13. If you're buying a used car, the orange "check engine" light, and all warning lights, should temporarily come on when you start the vehicle.

14. Bales of hay can spontaneously combust due to moisture.

Excessive moisture builds up inside a hay bale, attracting bacteria, which contributes to internal heat that can eventually cause the hay to smolder on the inside.

15. Fifteen-year-old Claudette Colvin refused to give up her bus seat nine months before Rosa Parks did.

Colvin refused a bus driver's orders to relinquish her seat. Two police officers arrested her. She says that civil rights leaders didn't think a teen, especially one with a very dark complexion, would be a good poster child for their movement. Read more of her story here.


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