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Life In Your Early Twenties Vs. Your Late Twenties

It's hell getting old. Well, not always.

Early twenties: the morning after four drinks.

Late twenties:

Trying to lose five pounds, early twenties: no problem!

Late twenties: Bye-bye, metabolism!

Early twenties: finding out someone was gossiping about you.

Late twenties:

Clubbing in your early twenties:

Clubbing in your late twenties:

Eating, early twenties:

Late twenties: You at least TRY.

What you think is cool in your early twenties:

What you think is cool in your late twenties:

Confidence, early twenties:

Confidence, late twenties:

Trying to get money in your early twenties: parents!

Late twenties: IDK IDK.

Excitement in your early twenties:

Excitement in your late twenties:

Making friends in your early twenties: easy, college!

All your friends in your late twenties:

Early twenties: after getting dumped.

Late twenties:

Early twenties, 1 a.m. Saturday morning:

Late twenties:

Hanging out with college kids in your early twenties:

Hanging out with college kids in your late twenties:

Social strategy, early twenties:

Social strategy, late twenties:

Early twenties:

Late twenties:

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