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21 Things Everyone Obsessed With LaCroix Knows To Be True

It's not like a regular seltzer. It's a cool seltzer.

1. You know there's a form of water better than all other waters. It's called LaCroix.

2. People make fun of you for stockpiling it, but, like... what if you ran out???

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What if I'm in an apricot mood and all I have is LIME???

3. When someone is like, "I only have club soda":

4. You develop really swollen biceps from lifting these cases all the time.

5. In fact, drinking a LaCroix is basically the same thing as running a marathon.

6. Whenever you hear about a new flavor, you get obsessed with tracking it down.

7. You are totally on board with the fact that LaCroix makes you feel exotic and glam even though it's (shhhhh) from the Midwest.

8. The crisp feeling of chugging a cold LaCroix on a warm day is truly transcendent.

9. Or when you get home and finally crack open that first can:

10. After a rough day, you might even go for a fourth.

11. If you're in a festive mood, you like to mix your LaCroix with healthy stuff.

12. Or you know, harder stuff.

13. LaCroix brings out organizational skills you never knew you had.

14. You still remember the day you found out about coconut.

15. And the COLA FLAVOR.

16. You might not make LaCroix fan art, but you totally understand the impulse.

17. LaCroix makes an excellent gift.

18. LaCroix is your go-to travel beverage.

19. Sometimes you feel like people are judging you for ~having a problem.~

20. But you fully realize that sparkling water is more important than dating.

21. And you know that there is no such thing as too much. NO SUCH THING.