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    21 Pictures That Will Definitely Make You Feel Better

    This will definitely help.

    1. You didn't have to lie on a stage wearing green today.

    2. You weren't royally owned by an inanimate object.

    3. And you didn't post this on Facebook!

    4. You paid for all your own stuff today.

    5. And none of your tweets were about bullying fruits.

    6. Your Amazon order probably wasn't this bad.

    7. You are a very creative person!

    8. This is a true fact:

    9. And this wasn't you.

    10. You didn't do anything remotely this awkward today.

    11. This isn't your name.

    12. You didn't get busted by the zoom feature.

    13. Or embarrassed by your OWN SELF.

    14. Don't feel down about your own abilities.

    15. Every cloud has a silver lining.

    16. You ARE important.

    17. No one watched you die a small death in slow-mo!

    18. Or sent you the tiniest pair of pants.

    19. Just remember.

    If you ever feel bad just remember that zac efron has a tattoo that says yolo

    20. The greatest things in life are free.

    21. And we see you!