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65 Totally Inspiring Ideas For Wrist Tattoos

You'll never want to cover THESE with a bracelet.

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1. All around the world:

2. The most delicate of sailboats:

4. The tiniest of keyholes:

5. A mountain:

6. Sanskrit bands:

7. A clever design that spans both wrists:

8. A bold yet simple sugar skull:

9. A quote from your favorite book or poem:

10. A variation on an infinity symbol:

11. The cutest of bows:

12. Or maybe this is the cutest:

13. A pair of swallows:

14. An anchor:

15. A lovely scripted infinity symbol:

16. Roman numerals:

17. Quotation marks:

20. A feather that doubles as a bracelet:

21. Or a phrase complements your bracelets.

23. A word that means a lot to you:

24. A flock of birds:

26. A tiny dove:

27. A tiny bunny and moon:

29. A teensy airplane:

31. Your personal anthem:

32. A row of cute dots:

33. A Hebrew phrase (or an ouroboros):

34. A simple initial:

35. A tiny symbol in white ink:

37. Something photorealistic:

39. A simple cross:

40. Something space-themed:

41. A diamond:

42. A simple tree:

43. Dual inspirational quotes:

44. Or just one simple mantra:

45. A geometric arrow:

46. Or a plainer one:

47. A whimsical stitch:

48. A Latin quote:

50. An adorable elephant:

52. Get matching flowers with friends:

53. A trio of stars:

55. A cloud:

56. A piece of script:

57. Or two:

58. A miniature clef:

59. Or clefs a little more intricate:

60. A tiny crown:

61. A bunny:

62. An homage to crochet:

63. Intricate roses:

65. Or just one powerful message:

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