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    How Much Money Do Twentysomethings Actually Get From Their Parents?

    The results of our poll are in.

    If you read any media, you know that young adults mooching off Mom and Dad is quite the hot topic.

    But how deserved is our societal hand-wringing about who's paying Hannah Horvath's AT&T bill? Over 138,000 self-identified twentysomethings took our poll last month about how much financial help they regularly receive from their parents.

    Did poll takers exaggerate their level of fiscal independence to feel better about themselves? Was everyone who took the poll actually in his or her twenties? We'll never know, because this poll is about as scientific as a potato. But still, the results are revealing! Here's what we found.


    A little more than half of twentysomethings pay for their own phone, whether they're on their own plan or they send their parents money for their share. Still, that's a lot who never have to look at an endlessly long Verizon bill.


    72% of twentysomethings who took the poll say they live outside of the parents' house. But from the poll results, it seems like most parents-cum-landlords don't charge their children rent.


    Selling my car when I was 26 was a very good financial decision. Of course, I was moving to New York City, so I've had a much easier time being carless.


    There are two kinds of families: Those who take group vacations on the regs, and those who don't, either because of money or because all that together-time will result in some kind of catastrophe. Of the vacationers in their twenties who still tag along, only a quarter say their fam holds them financially responsible for everything.


    College is expensive as fuck. Most twentysomethings say they had some sort of parental help with tuition and room and board.


    "Bye, Felicia" —the 51% to the 45%


    112,000 of the twentysomethings polled didn't grow into a huge cash stash.


    Most of you don't enjoy going to Mom and Dad for money. Or you just don't.


    In this weirdo economy, "savings" are a unicorn for 28% of you.


    A pretty robust percentage of twentysomethings surveyed are still either on their parents' health care plan or get parental help paying for their own plan.


    And besides insurance, a lot of you are getting assistance with your co-pays and other bills.


    9%, explain yourselves.


    About 78,000 of you live within driving or public transportation distance from your 'rents, but for fliers, a slight majority of you shell out for your own Delta seat.


    A sizeable percent of pollers says their parents help shell out for Ikea sofas and MacBook Airs.


    Most interesting result from this for me was the 29% of you who don't use credit cards. Teach us your ways! (Not living beyond your means, sure, but how are you developing a good credit history?)

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