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    Jan 13, 2015

    Here's What Happens When You Ask San Francisco Guys On Tinder For Startup Ideas

    I live in the land of the tech bro, so I wanted to see if I could get any ideas for disrupting using something they love: a hookup app.

    (I'm wearing a purple wig in one of my photos, which is what some of the guys are commenting on.)

    1. This guy has a potential app on his hands.

    2. And this one might have a future in cryptocurrencies.

    3. Some dudes were just totally perplexed.




    7. And this being Tinder, some guys didn't exactly want to talk business.



    10. Some were confident and spoke perfect tech.



    13. Especially this guy.

    14. Some guys were wary about me stealing their "next Facebook"-level ideas.

    15. The best ones tried to pitch me on their own startups.


    17. Or see if I knew how to get funding.

    18. ...and others tried to own me.

    19. But, alas, some guys took the question VERY seriously, and then I felt kind of bad.

    20. And this dude was just mad at San Francisco in general.

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